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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Papier mache.

Some more papier mache pieces to show you.
I have tried to work quicker (ha ha) and not think too much about where the piece may go.
Warning..picture overload.. speeding up does really mean more work!
I'll meet you at the other end!

I do like some of the textures, and I've tried to keep the colours simple.
I use my blog as a sort of diary, record of work and thoughts.
Next week I'll be popping on a few videos from youtube about the different ways people live. 
In these times of spiralling costs, it's something I often think about! 

Friday, 28 June 2013

Painted Ladies in the Garden.

Not the winged sort. Here are  two pictures I worked on where I tried to let the first vigorous marks on the canvas lead me to various images, if that makes sense.
Below shows the first few washes, which can be layered or scrubbed out using acrylics.
This little lady appeared.
The next one was a bit more vigorous, and in the texture of the paint -over her left shoulder- appeared a skull, it took all my courage to not want to paint it out!
I left it there as a timely reminder...
Hope you all have a good weekend!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Dancing in the streets. Mary Portas on Liskeard.

Some of you may have seen the Mary Portas programme on Liskeard.
It was fun to see where we live on film, but as is the nature of a programme it was a very narrow look at Liskeard.
As you have seen on my blog we like to get out in the streets! We have a lantern parade near Christmas, St Matthews fair with civil war re-enactments and French market, lots of art workshops etc etc.
You may remember the LONG scarf being danced around the streets in the pouring rain?
I did a few sketches from photos.

And attempted to put it into paint.
I really enjoyed getting past the initial white canvas fright, I used acrylics and so I was able to layer the colour.

I have a few more ideas from the jumble sales too..
Not to mention the piccy tree..
What goes on in your area?

Friday, 21 June 2013


I am always drawn to faces and figures.
Following on from my papier mache trials, I have worked on a few more.

Drawings from Picasso, Ben Nicholson and my own ideas.
You can see the papier mache coming through.
Has anyone else tried papier mache in their artwork?
I would love to know about other artists using it 'flat' rather than as an object.
Other artists  I am drawn to quite literally are Matisse and Picasso and I love my Celia Birtwell bag ( some of you may have one? A freebie from a magazine)
She inspired the start of this painting with one of my favourite jugs. I would love some work by the ceramics maker Ken Eardley, but last time I looked there was a nine month waiting list (for what I wanted.) Maybe one day!


Thursday, 20 June 2013

A quick cakey post.
I love the cake and cooking photos on silly old suitcase blog 
 Because of her wonderfully colourful cakes I bought some new food colours to try out.
I wanted to use them on sponges as well as icing.

I wasn't disappointed!
I've only ever used liquid colours, and I don't think I'll bother buying liquid ones again.

I made these and a chocolate cake for my sons enterprise project at school.
I can safely say I'm glad I'm not teaching the kids in the afternoon!

A bit of a mess but I'm sure it'll be yummy!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Painted clay figures.

I am loving the sunshine!
Here's a little post showing some little trials and ideas.
A while ago I made some air dry clay bits and pieces.

You may remember the above.
Here she is all painted, based loosely on an antique wooden doll.
With jointed arms and legs.
A lady sunning herself in the garden
I am also using lots of papier mache and paint, and trying ideas out.
Here are two of the ideas so far.


Visiting Atlantis.
I think that the weather tomorrow is more akin to Atlantis.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Felt dolls.

Freshly inspired by the Open Studios, I have been making a few more dolls.
It is very satisfying and easy to applique with felt, and the dolls are all soft a sqiushy!

Very angelic.
Wouldn't you like hair that colour!
These will be in my Etsy shop today.
Has anyone else tried felt applique?
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