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Thursday, 20 June 2013

A quick cakey post.
I love the cake and cooking photos on silly old suitcase blog 
 Because of her wonderfully colourful cakes I bought some new food colours to try out.
I wanted to use them on sponges as well as icing.

I wasn't disappointed!
I've only ever used liquid colours, and I don't think I'll bother buying liquid ones again.

I made these and a chocolate cake for my sons enterprise project at school.
I can safely say I'm glad I'm not teaching the kids in the afternoon!

A bit of a mess but I'm sure it'll be yummy!


  1. They look delicious....and so perfect! Heidi

  2. They look yummy and so colourful ~ Sarah x

  3. Thankyou ladies. I can now report that they all sold at school!

  4. They do look delicious, my boys would LOVE the coloured cup cakes :) Bethx


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