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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Dancing in the streets. Mary Portas on Liskeard.

Some of you may have seen the Mary Portas programme on Liskeard.
It was fun to see where we live on film, but as is the nature of a programme it was a very narrow look at Liskeard.
As you have seen on my blog we like to get out in the streets! We have a lantern parade near Christmas, St Matthews fair with civil war re-enactments and French market, lots of art workshops etc etc.
You may remember the LONG scarf being danced around the streets in the pouring rain?
I did a few sketches from photos.

And attempted to put it into paint.
I really enjoyed getting past the initial white canvas fright, I used acrylics and so I was able to layer the colour.

I have a few more ideas from the jumble sales too..
Not to mention the piccy tree..
What goes on in your area?


  1. It sounds a wonderful place to live with lots of activity. We have plenty of things going on locally too. Farmer's markets, craft meetings, music festivals you just have to go out and look. The picture is fab ~ Sarah x

    1. Thankyou Sarah.Sounds good too. I love local food markets.

  2. Oh your painting is wonderful! I love the colours and the sense of movement. I haven't seen the Mary Portas programme but Liskeard sounds great, we could do with more folk getting out into the streets here, although we do have a lovely Farmers market. Bethx

  3. It always depends on the weather! I find a lot of the charges for pitches put me/others off, as you know it'll take a while to see customers coming back, I know it's a small amount compared to a shop, but I can't help worrying about the costs.


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