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Friday, 21 June 2013


I am always drawn to faces and figures.
Following on from my papier mache trials, I have worked on a few more.

Drawings from Picasso, Ben Nicholson and my own ideas.
You can see the papier mache coming through.
Has anyone else tried papier mache in their artwork?
I would love to know about other artists using it 'flat' rather than as an object.
Other artists  I am drawn to quite literally are Matisse and Picasso and I love my Celia Birtwell bag ( some of you may have one? A freebie from a magazine)
She inspired the start of this painting with one of my favourite jugs. I would love some work by the ceramics maker Ken Eardley, but last time I looked there was a nine month waiting list (for what I wanted.) Maybe one day!



  1. I made a paper mâché pig at school....not sure that would count though! But it was very big, and very pink. If I'd ever managed to fill it I'd have been a millionaire! ;) x

  2. Ha ha I love the above comment! No, we used to have lots of screwed up pater etc stuck to our paintings/drawings at college for added texture and to force us to work in multi-media but that was a lifetime ago, I rarely pick up a brush these days unless I'm painting walls! Bethx


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