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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Painted clay figures.

I am loving the sunshine!
Here's a little post showing some little trials and ideas.
A while ago I made some air dry clay bits and pieces.

You may remember the above.
Here she is all painted, based loosely on an antique wooden doll.
With jointed arms and legs.
A lady sunning herself in the garden
I am also using lots of papier mache and paint, and trying ideas out.
Here are two of the ideas so far.


Visiting Atlantis.
I think that the weather tomorrow is more akin to Atlantis.


  1. I love your cool prints at the end and you made something amazing out of your bits of clay....We are enjoying our sun too! Heidi

  2. You are sooo creative, she's great, brilliant pattern! :) x


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