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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Papier mache.

Some more papier mache pieces to show you.
I have tried to work quicker (ha ha) and not think too much about where the piece may go.
Warning..picture overload.. speeding up does really mean more work!
I'll meet you at the other end!

I do like some of the textures, and I've tried to keep the colours simple.
I use my blog as a sort of diary, record of work and thoughts.
Next week I'll be popping on a few videos from youtube about the different ways people live. 
In these times of spiralling costs, it's something I often think about! 


  1. These are lovely - I especially like the second one down - it seems really spiritual. Keep going - we love seeing your pictures! Jane x

  2. Thankyou Jane, I really appreciate your comment.Fliss x

  3. Gosh, you are just so creative, they are beautiful, thanks for the link, I'll check it out! :) x

  4. Just love the bird .. Dove of Peace maybe.
    Looking forward to the videos .. I often think about how people manage ... I feel so fortunate to have the life I have.

    Vicky x

  5. Fabulous work, its really stunning

  6. Beautiful I love the subtle tones and textures ~ Sarah x

  7. Thankyou Ada,Vicky, Julie and Sarah! Thankyou for popping over and telling me your thoughts.Fliss x


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