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Friday, 19 July 2013

Liskeard show, Liskeard carnival horses, frogs and cakes!

With all this beautiful weather local fayres and shows have been really popular. We recently had the Liskeard Carnival and then the Liskeard Show.
I love to see the animals, but I did feel sorry for a lot of them as the tents were sweltering.
This handsome fella gets all dressed up, and after a lot of polishing,
is transformed! 
I'm sorry to say my photos of the carnival were pretty dire.
This is the only good one!

I was on the lookout for quails in the bird tent, but couldn't find one. I wasn't disappointed though, I had no idea of the variety of shapes and sizes.
Back at home we found more wildlife.
A peculiar frog woman.

Some of the frogs are just a centimetre long. Our pond is very small, but teeming with life.
Just the weather for a bit of sketching outside with very furry bunny friends.
As it cooled down a little in the evening I had a chance to do some baking, a good idea for using up bananas etc. that can't survive the heat!
I used the recipe from My Poppet  for banana cake and it was quick and easy.
Hope you are having a good time in the sun!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Living Off The Land

 One more video for now on similar lines to the San Fransisco back garden.
When I'm feeling lost I look at what some people are doing with what they have.
I think most of Britain is sweltering today with good weather for the next few days too.
We have taken our house off the market, and appreciating what we have - especially the slate floors, bliss for hot feet!

Friday, 5 July 2013

Simple living on a narrowboat home in West End London

Fancy being right in the heart of London?
To downsize could mean having it all?
I love near the end of this film where she gets creative.
It makes me appreciate having water on tap (although it's still bloody expensive!) and being on the sewage system though!
Have a good day x

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Choosing freedom of tiny home-boat over Hollywood life

Here (obviously) is the second little film about living simply.
I love the colours and bohemian style in  this film and the fact it is a boat!
We had a boat when I was younger and we would travel along the River Wey.
The best feeling in the world was chugging down the river, no one in sight, just open countryside, mooring up having lunch -hopefully in the sun.
That, for me is what dreams are made of!
Roll on Summer, hope you are all able to dream a little too.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Self-reliance in LA: backyard farming + radical home ec

Here is the first of a few films about living simply. Some of you may have seen this video or follow their blog Root simple It is about 'low tech home tech', and covers loads of ideas for being more hands on with living. I love the bread making, pantry, chicken deep bed idea etc etc..
I must say though,I have fruit envy. Watch it and see!
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