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Friday, 19 July 2013

Liskeard show, Liskeard carnival horses, frogs and cakes!

With all this beautiful weather local fayres and shows have been really popular. We recently had the Liskeard Carnival and then the Liskeard Show.
I love to see the animals, but I did feel sorry for a lot of them as the tents were sweltering.
This handsome fella gets all dressed up, and after a lot of polishing,
is transformed! 
I'm sorry to say my photos of the carnival were pretty dire.
This is the only good one!

I was on the lookout for quails in the bird tent, but couldn't find one. I wasn't disappointed though, I had no idea of the variety of shapes and sizes.
Back at home we found more wildlife.
A peculiar frog woman.

Some of the frogs are just a centimetre long. Our pond is very small, but teeming with life.
Just the weather for a bit of sketching outside with very furry bunny friends.
As it cooled down a little in the evening I had a chance to do some baking, a good idea for using up bananas etc. that can't survive the heat!
I used the recipe from My Poppet  for banana cake and it was quick and easy.
Hope you are having a good time in the sun!


  1. I do love a good country show! We realised the other day that we've never even been to the Kent county show...I'm not sure why, but I tend to only think shows happen in more rural areas...and I tend to not think of Kent as that rural (which is totally stupid). Love the frog women photo. Bethx

  2. I didn't make it to the show this year, but will be there on Saturday for Liskeard Loves Food. Might get to see you there.


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