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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Good friends, and changes.

A few weeks ago we said goodbye to a good friend. Luckily she isn't going too far!
We had art in common, and I'll miss a tea (half a tea in my case! I only ever drink half) and a chat.
I used to call her garden Eden as it was full of lovely plants, a lot of them productive.
I'm sure she won't mind if I pop a little piccy of a small part of her garden (and us)

She is a fantastic artist and I'll ask if I can post some of her prints in the future.
We are now custodians of a new plant and an little animal that couldn't go to their new house.
The plant was a money plant, I was told it is also a friendship plant.
As for the animal, the cutest little donkey has come to stay.
Very photogenic!
I gave my friend one useful and one decorative thing.
A trivet, with one chicken- I'm sure the other one wondered off somewhere (they had two.)

And a good luck picture for their new start, complete with guardian angel.

Despite my lazy approach to  gardening this year, it did bloom. I was fascinated by the beauty of  the lettuce plants that had gone to flower.The red was topped with bright yellow flowers, and looked like a christmas tree.

(Blogger is being a bit piccy with my piccys so can't show the red lettuce with yellow flowers.)
So here is the green one!

Also despite bad mildew, a butternut squash

and a pumpkin have appeared.

My posts may be even more erratic in the months to come, because we have taken the decision to teach my daughter at home. My son is thriving at school, and he will stay there. I have seen my  daughters keen, enquisitive spirit dulled and she just does not thrive in a learning environment like school at all.There was nothing wrong with her teachers and no bullying etc. I do feel frustrated at the way they emphasise testing and ticking boxs all directed from the government.The last few days at home have begun a wonderful journey. I know it will be full of ups and downs! I'll tell you of our progress over the coming months. 
How does your garden or your little ones grow?


  1. So glad to have found your blog linked from The Custards. How beautiful you and your artwork are. I congratulate you on the decision to homeschool your daughter. My four grandchildren are all homeschooled here in the USA and they would be miserable if they were forced into a government school with its many drawbacks, which I wont go into. I am sure your family will be blessed in the process. Regards, Linda

    1. Thankyou for your kind words Linda. I am gradually finding helpful blogs and advice on homeschooling, and they are mostly based in the USA.

  2. It's sad saying goodbye to good friends, I hope you still stay connected in someway! Good on you for taking your daughter out of school, often the school environment is crushing......I only learned to succeed once I left school :) x

  3. What lovely gifts for your friend (and from your friend - love the donkey!) and your garden looks fab, I'm very keen on when things go to seed, apart from collecting them to grow next year, you do discover some accidental beauties.

    I'm intrigued to follow your progress with home schooling, I'm not sure I would be brave enough, but I applaud your decision to support your daughter in clearly the best way for her. I do hate the whole school 'conform' thing generally, poor Felix enjoys school but will never have a best friend in his class, him being one of the 'geeks'. We keep telling him it's fine and that geeks are cool and he'll have loads of friends when he moves up to secondary, but sometimes it's really difficult, especially when he struggled to understand that the 'cool kids' gang weren't really his friends as they were so often very mean to him. I hope you and your daughter enjoy every bit of your journey. Bethx


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