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Friday, 6 September 2013

Hols and Blackberries.

What a summer!
I hope you all had a restful time, and were able to enjoy some sun.
I kept meaning to write a post about this and then that... and got easily distracted!
For the first time in seven years we had a holiday! We spent a week in Somerset, in a little cottage.
We had very quiet neighbours!

Tired children.
I had to make a record of this storage idea below. Nice and neat.

All in all it was a lovely break.
A lot of my photos won't go on blogger for some reason, so I'll move onto me' blackberries.
As some of you will know a bumper year!!
We picked over 24 lbs in two trips.

The few in jars.
It's funny but I can't look at this photo without thinking of the nativity, with the blue gingham being Joseph (just a random thought!)
 If anyone knows their blackberries-do they know why my second lot of blackerries (sieved) were slightly bitter?
When I had a chuck out recently I recycled loads of glass, so the rest of the jam went into unappealing plastic, and the second lot was frozen.
Next on the agenda is Damson jam and marrow (and ginger?) jam that I have never made before.
When I get some more jars!



  1. Lovely little cottage there, happy jam making! :) x

  2. Glad that you had a lovey holiday - but my oh my those blackberries - I am envious of those indeed
    Best wishes

  3. I am glad to say the jam was yummy! Not all eaten yet of course. I hope you've managed to find some time to forage too.

  4. So glad you had a holiday, I once went 7 years without one as well, and wondered why that had been the case when I finally found the time and money. Holidays are wonderful for re-charging batteries. Not just us then, we had bumper blackberries as well this year (and still on-going), I'm afraid I can't help with the bitter taste question. Bethx


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