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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Kawaii, Mary Anning and papier mache.

I or should I say we (Eleanor and I) have had a productive time so far. Lots of learning for both of us, and some long hours for me!
Eleanor has found a hobby, we have both liked some really cute Kawaii things, and she asked to buy some Fimo or Sculpey. She did, and made things all on her own, she has made me a pair of earrings which I'll put on another post.

She has a steadier hand than me!

We have done an art project on Mary Anning the fossil hunter who lived in Lyme Regis U.K.
Eleanor wrote a diary entry as Mary and we did some art work together.

Mary used to go out after the storms as she knew there would be some exciting finds to be made.
The piece below isn't finished yet, but it's about finding fossils after a storm, and how lightning had struck the three ladies (one holding Mary as a baby) and killed them all apart from Mary.
My work was a more direct representation of Mary and the tongue twister that she is supposed to have inspired.
"She sells sea shells on the sea shore
The shells she sells are sea shells I'm sure
And if she sells sea shells on the sea shore
Then I'm sure she sells sea shore shells."

We have a trip to  Minions on the moor tomorrow, I'd better go and find my wellies.
Bye for now!


  1. I've got a super pair of wellies if you need to borrow some! How I wish our education system nurtured the creativity of our children rather than quash it! Have a great day exploring together! :) x

    1. I saw your wellies, so I'm very tempted!

  2. Sounds wonderful! and you learn something every day as did I know about Mary Anning but I didn't know 'Sea Sells Sea Shells' was inspred by her....makes perfect sense though. Hope you had fun today. Bx

    1. I didn't know either. there seems to be lots of variations on the tongue twister, and I can't say any of them!


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