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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Saving on fuel and windfall apples.

The weather is just beginning to turn, and although I love this time of year for the colours, I'm not (like everyone else) looking forward to heating our home, and we haven't turned the heating on yet. We are lucky enough to have fitted a woodburner in the house and fixed a chimney in the other room, so we get any old scrap wood to burn. We're not precious! This was our sitting room after a bit of sawing...

The upstairs of our house is colder and so it's been waterbottles all round.
We also went for a walk recently and picked a few(!) apples. We've called it scrumpling, as most will end up in crumbles. Most were windfalls from the strong winds we had.
 I had a little help too!
We had a walk beyond the woods and some of the foliage was rather christmassy.

Although I'd rather not dwell on that now!
Someone else would have loved the walk too -
Sooo desperate for greens, one of our rabbits would levitate for it, 
and make sure his wife doesn't get a look in!

"Don't even think about it Marmite!!"
Bye for now x

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  1. Well now those bunnies are too sweet - our old Ned used to munch all the greens in the plantpots and then make himself nice and cosy in what was left and have a lovely snooze - as if to say "yes I've eaten all your plants and now I'm going to sleep on them for good measure!" Good luck with the apples x Jane


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