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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Thrifty Finds.

A quick post with a few finds and listings on ebay.
In a comment I left for Victoria at Anglesey Allsorts I told her about a find from a jumble sale.
I thought I'd post a little piccy of it.
I bought a truly filthy patchwork quilt, and chanced that I (We) could get it clean.
I'm definately not afraid of a bit of dirt and so I paid 20p ( the lady suggested this tentatively just in case I didn't take it away) She folded it neatly trying not to touch it.
It had a wash in the washing machine and then I set my hubby on it with huge amounts of elbow grease and voila! it came up very clean (the end is folded in because we it was a picture for selling the bed- not because it's still dirty!)  
It was just in time for the cold weather.
Below are a couple of things I've put onto ebay.
Some lovely linen/acrylic mix yarns.
The last two pirate bunny brooches.

Some very unusual horsey buttons x 4.

Just to end on. My son is doing an enterprise scheme at school and has been sewing all by himself some cute little phone cases. Part of the money goes to a dog charity and the other is shared between the group.

I think they look very professional!


  1. Wow, that was a bargain quilt! Well worth taking the risk on, it shows how a little imagination can turn something someone else would just put into the bin into something to treasure. Loving the shot of your son sewing, I'd love it if either of mine showed an interest in using the machine. Bethx

  2. You never know with your boys! Jacob learnt fairly quickly because making money was involved. However he has said he never wants to sew again after the business year is over! Time will tell.


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