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Monday, 2 December 2013

Mr D'Arcy, and Christmas Collages.

A few posts in a few days, I may have to sit down...Oh I already am.
Eleanor and I were looking at the traditions of Christmas, and finished the day making some collages.
I only noticed the letters - bought for the stamps- said to Mr D'Arcy when I cropped them, so much for concentrating on my work!

A little wonky donkey Christmas Brooch.
Anyone else with no decorations up yet?


  1. He's a very cute wonky donkey. No decorations up here, but hoping I might get a few up this year - nearer the time.

  2. Still no decorations out from the loft here either, and there are quite a few!

  3. I agree, very cute donkey and my eye was drawn to the cigarette deer card - I like that! We only had our decorations up early because the boys begged and I am weak and gave in. I don't like them up too early, but I've found myself really getting into the spirit of things this year, so far (touch wood) my first without flu at this point - perhaps that's why! Bethx

    1. Enjoy while you can! Hopefully you've built up mega resistance to flu. We also put up decorations early when the kids were younger, one year it was in October!


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