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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Meal planning. Kahlo. Applique.

With this awful weather all I can / want to do is to stay indoors.
I've started back with teaching Eleanor, I've had a bit of time to check out and think of new things to do, so it's been a nice, positive start to the year.
I hope you emerged unscathed from the storms. We can see the extreme cold weather in America- my heart goes out to you! I really don't like being cold.
Back inside, even after plenty to eat at Christmas, I felt the urge to try a plan for meals. I'm not good at sticking to planning ideas, I tend to stray away quickly when they aren't working for me.
So to  the point! 
I'm trying a simple system (for simple people like me!)
I bought some post it notes to write very simple meal ideas, and started writing my favourite recipes with the ingredients on separate cards for lunches dinners and puddings.
The reason for the basic meal ideas is that I can adjust the recipes for using any other ingredients I have, but having a basic list of ingredients to shop for -means I can make a basic dish if nothing else!
Hope that makes sense.
I drew a quick table for lunch etc and days of the week to stick the meals on.
 I generally don't like food shopping in supermarkets, and I much prefer to shop locally.
I do like bulk buying non perishables so I don't have to go very often!

You can do shopping lists with written recipes, and store them in a file for reference.
It has worked for a week so far!!

I don't know if anyone else used this book at school?
I was fairly rubbish at home economics, but I still use the book.
Again it's very basic, but useful to use on days when you want to turn to ready meals.

So here are the meal plans on the fridge.It's not set in concrete. It's a work in progress!

No breakfasts yet, it's just cereal and toast in our house at the mo.
With my creative hat on, I have begun to think about different ideas and continue to sort and get rid of things I don't use. I think it's a January thing.
I think that's more than enough rambling for now, I'll just leave you with a couple of photos of work and inspiration.
 A spot of organising.

A bundle of cuddles and mischief.
Some inspiration.

Reminders to use 'bits'.

Finishing off some pieces.

Bye for now x


  1. Good luck with the meal plans, we are trying a few new things out here too, having an autistic child has meant our meals have been extremely rigid....but ever so slowly I'm trying to make some changes! :) x

  2. Good luck with that Ada, and hope you have a great New Year.x

  3. Lovely images in the posts, I really like your soup? bowls that are also in the new header. I meal plan in a loose sense, but I shop on-line every week (we don't have local veg/meat/bakers etc, sadly, out village has about 15 hairdressers and beauticians, and 5 estate agents and not that much else!) and the lovely ocado holds my weekly list so I don't have to think that much about it, only add or delete where necessary. I've been pulling out cookery books a lot recently though, so I can try out new ideas. Good luck with the planning and with 'school'. Bx

  4. I should be fair, we do have a great farmers market once a month that's pretty good!

    1. I should shop weekly to save time, we are lucky to have the basic shops still in town. I do like market stalls for veg. The one here is run by a lovely lady who lives and grows down the road! I've had problems with food being delivered by Asda i.e half the shopping missing, so I haven't bothered since. The soup bowls are Old Foley Oregon Pine, I love the colours and they are used regularly.

  5. Goodness you are very, very organised - good for you.
    Lovely header photo - those dishes are very familiar and I love them because of the different colours. Sadly some of ours have been broken over the years but that is what they were built for!
    Wishing you all the best for 2014
    Best wishes

    1. I have to admit the organisation is a bit haphazard!
      I love the bowls for the colours too, so far touch wood they are all intact. I thought you may have some too! (Just a hunch)


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