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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Thankyou for all your recent helpful comments. We are still pottering along, in between the showers!
We had a lot of repairs in the garden -as you know- with the fence.We have put up a new one, and have made a veg area, which makes me feel very organised!
New fence!

Veg area fenced off from dogs and rabbits.
Tinsel likes to help by digging up my newly planted veg!

I'm trying hard to hide the large bundle of wood (on the right, we can't turn down free wood).Useful yes, but also a home for slugs!

Very cheap greenhouse. £19.99 from B&M.
Tomato and cucumber plants from my Dad.

Good old loo rolls!

The green house is functional, but not very well made. It has protected all of the plants grown so far, despite ripping.

We have areas still to tidy up- there's always something.

My 'leggy ' Auriculas.

This is what it's all for. You can't beat picking your own fruit or veg.
Happy growing!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Decisions..Darite...Siblyback, and lots of cake!

Thankyou for all your helpful comments. the uncertainty rumbles on. My husband is widening the net for jobs- a more permanent one at least-he's on a dreaded 0 hours contract agency work. He gets a fair amount of work, but it's no way to build a future. The search is VERY wide.Covering Lincoln and Norwich, where my brother spent his last few years. I'll keep you posted on what happens.
For now we have spent time out and in the garden soaking up the lovely sun.Whenever we think about moving, I tend to not think about doing anything much in the garden. I have however tried to block it out and plant some seeds and get things started -just in case we are still here!
I'm really enjoying finding all the frugal-self sufficientish type blogs to see how other people are living. I have done a lot of baking from Chelmarsh Chunterings . That are now safely tucked in the freezer, or have been eaten!
The Victoria Sponge recipe is lovely, and hers are fantastically iced, unlike mine!
In the comments Thea said about missing Cornwall. I think it will always be a very special place to us whatever happens.
We visited the little village of Darite, and had a lovely walk (if a bit chilly!) 

Then on another day, a trip to Siblyback lake. We managed to get Tinsel there without her being sick! 
She has so much energy, and managed to bound around the lake with ease, but by the time we got in the car she was exhausted- I think too tired to be sick on the way back. Lucky escape!

Hope you all have a good Easter!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Peanut flapjacks and hexagon patchwork.

Sorry it's been so long!
Life is pretty full, trying to juggle home jobs, home education and working to earn some money!
I've managed to do some cooking though!
For anyone who likes peanut butter- I added two dessert spoons to a usual flapjack recipe-easy and yummy.

At last I have tried some hexagon patchwork.Great for using up scraps of fabric and very easy to stitch. I'm not sure what to make yet, I'll see how big it gets first!

Hope you have all had some dry weather. It took me ages to catch up on all the laundry!
We are considering trying to sell our house again, so we have lots of jobs to do and some more de-cluttering!
Our one point of concern is our son who is in year 9, because if we move, we would move out of the area.It's a tricky one.We want to move to an area where there is more happening,less cost for petrol i.e. a city, and be able to downsize the house and get a bigger garden. The longer we stay the more difficult it becomes! We tried the house on the market for just five months last year but it was SO QUIET nothing was moving.So it's very unsettling -stay,go,stay,go,stay,go!!!!
Any advice or experience would be much appreciated.
Bye for now.

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