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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Thankyou for all your recent helpful comments. We are still pottering along, in between the showers!
We had a lot of repairs in the garden -as you know- with the fence.We have put up a new one, and have made a veg area, which makes me feel very organised!
New fence!

Veg area fenced off from dogs and rabbits.
Tinsel likes to help by digging up my newly planted veg!

I'm trying hard to hide the large bundle of wood (on the right, we can't turn down free wood).Useful yes, but also a home for slugs!

Very cheap greenhouse. £19.99 from B&M.
Tomato and cucumber plants from my Dad.

Good old loo rolls!

The green house is functional, but not very well made. It has protected all of the plants grown so far, despite ripping.

We have areas still to tidy up- there's always something.

My 'leggy ' Auriculas.

This is what it's all for. You can't beat picking your own fruit or veg.
Happy growing!


  1. How exciting - I can just imagine it gradually filling up with gorgeous tasty stuff - I bet you'll be spending every spare moment out there! My auriculas are way leggier than yours - not sure why - but they're such a pretty flower I forgive them! Jane x

    1. Hopefully it will! Weird about the Auriculas- not the perfect show ones I imagined.I thought it could be the shade?

  2. Oh, how I wish I could get rhubarb growing here ... for some reason, it doesn't like out Granite State patch of land ...

    1. Our ground here was VERY stoney when we came, full of slate. Over time we've added compost, and taken skip loads of stone away. Have you thought about a large pot?

  3. It's all looking very tidy and organised and you are way ahead of us. I've only just started digging the potato plot. Really like your new header photo.

    1. Thankyou.Good luck with the back breaking work! I'm trying not to trample on the soil now so they can be no dig beds. That's the theory anyway!

  4. Lovely little vegetable plot there, I'm way behind with mine this year! :) x

  5. I think it's all looking very organised, and the loo roll shot did make me laugh, I always used to have similar (for planting sweet peas in, mostly). Glad your enjoying the garden even with moving decisions to make. Bxx


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