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Monday, 19 May 2014


I'm always moving 'stuff' around. Very few things stay in the same place.
I think it's to do with refreshing and renewing.

Spices put away in a cupboard- out with something more inspiring!

My hexagon patchwork is VERY slow. It went well until I noticed I had a larger gap (or two!) on the edge, so it put me off my stride trying to think if I unpick it or not. I could sew it to a cushion- a suggestion by a friend. I do like the overall colouring though.

I am still working on  ideas inspired by........jumbles, 


a bit of collage....

I love local history. I've done lots of work with my daughter, who likes ghost stories.
I'm working on a picture from the story of Sarah Polgrean, a woman hanged in Bodmin jail for poisoning her husband. I'll tell you the story in another post!

A bit more collage.

As I sit here the heavens have just opened. I love hearing the rain if I'm tucked up inside!
I can hear thunder, time to turn off the computer!
Best Wishes x


  1. I love your collages, Felicity!

    1. Thankyou Lynne. I do love a bit of cutting and sticking!

  2. Loving the collages, and I too, move things around a lot, but in may case it's to do with having too much for our space I think, I'm forever trying to get it to fit better, but knowing in my heart there is too much and I need to get rid of some :( Bethxx

    1. I have baskets full of things that I like and can't throw away. It's nice to change things around,although I know I tend to put too much out as well. I feel a bit lost if I don't have visual inspiration.


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