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Friday, 27 June 2014

Bright patchwork.

Alongside the hexagon patchwork. I've been trying to use up more of my fabric stash to make some much needed covers for the sofa ( a certain doggy keeps chewing the blankets.)
I'm late coming to patchwork, and I've seen such lovely examples online.
Mine is a bit hit and miss, but I love the overall look so far, and the simplicity of using up bits of fabric too small for most other things.
A previous hexagon piccy below I'm afraid it hasn't changed much since!

Even smaller scraps get used on applique projects.

These ladies are waiting on my pinboard to be finished!

I keep trying to sort out my sewing area, but pieces of wood keep appearing!
They will be banished when the shed is made!
Does anyone else have a house where as soon as a space is made-it gets filled?


  1. I have actually just finished cleaning out my office and re-organizing space in my pantry/supply room. I am determined to keep a sewing space clean and sorted out and get a piece of furniture to store my sewing fabric scraps and notions ... your hexagon project needs some dedicated time, dearie! I am working on mine every time I sit down to watch a Red Sox game ... I figure in four years, I'll have a quilt face done ... all posies a la Grandmother's Garden.

    1. You are absolutely right about spending some more time. I don't watch much telly, but I do spend time on the computer,where I can get lost in time!
      I'll be happy if I can get the hexagons to cushion size.
      Good luck with your clearing and finding a piece of furniture. I think it's necessary to have a good tidy to make 'space' for new work.

  2. I'm loving your patchwork blankets, I'm really hoping to get some of my WIP finished over the next week too! :) x


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