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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Frugal DIY greenhouse and shed.

Sorry I am very erratic with my posts. I find I get distracted by sooo many jobs.

So many things have happened recently.I have started a part time job, Eleanor is going to start the 'Big' school in September. I have really enjoyed the time we've had together. But she didn't gel with any of the groups, so we felt she was getting too insular. She can now start with her old friends at the big school.
I have found that home education (in  the way I would like to have done it) is just too expensive for us. It's O.K. maybe if you have other children at home to play with, but I found that nearly everything cost money- classes (£6 for each subject) train fares, extra visits etc..
The home ed. lady wished that the children could get the money that the school received . I don't know if that would be a good idea in all cases, but it would have helped us.

With all this fab weather we've spent some time in the garden.
I'll show you some initial photos of our latest projects.
The start of a greenhouse made from free salvaged wood.
(It looks new! It's amazing what people will throw out!)

It was screwed to the fence posts, and we used up old trellis that was hanging around.

The plastic was new, and was flexible enough to bend around the wood.

Things are finally growing! The tomatoes are looking a lot healthier, and no sign of blight yet.

Do you remember the picture below, showing an area that needs sorting?

Well we decided on a shed, or rather by luck we found one dismantled in a house nearby (as you do.)
The owners said we could have it! We literally dragged the first panels home. Sparks flew of the path from the nails underneath.
Then hubby made THE TROLLEY!!! Out of pallets,  with wheels on, and with Eleanors help we wheeled the rest home, it was hard work,we got soaked and had some funny looks, but we were chuffed to get it for free.

It even had insulation.

Some of the panels are...non existent.

Undeterred, we have stacks of wood all over the garden to make up bits needed.
We have insulated the floor.It was the most complete bit of the shed, with just a few repairs needed.
It sits on concrete and breeze block posts.


Treating the wood.

Now to use up all the (bloody ) doors and windows that have been salvaged over the years hehe.

To be continued..

When THE SHED is up I can then think about some planting areas.
We have a lot of hostas, a few other plants but I want to add a bit of colour. maybe next year!

The rather crappy cheap plastic greenhouse is doing a great job giving plants a bit more heat.

This is the first time I've grown  Basil with any success. I don't have a sunny windowsill inside.

I sit here with my cup of tea in the morning. Things are taking shape. We've had strawberries, lettuce and the courgettes are starting!
What a long post! The shed will take a while to do but I'll pop some photos on as we make progress.
I have a couple of little crafty projects to show,I've taken the photos, and now need to write the posts!
So hopefully I'll be back soon!



  1. Can't wait to see it finished x

    1. Glad you could pop by. Keep tuned to see the shed progress-I'm afraid it may be a bit slow, but as it's a big thing in the garden (literally!) we won't be able to rush it.

  2. Wow, you've achieved LOADS, I am so impressed and with your salvaging skills. Can't wait to see the finished shed, I just know it's going to be impressive. Glad you've come a conclusion with school that you're happy with, it must be so difficult to make these decisions. We're in 11+ panic here, trying to decide how much tutoring we are prepared to pay for (sadly, there is no chance otherwise, pretty much every child in F's class is already being tutored and he's slipping behind) it's all a minefield, I find it quite stressful. I hope Eleanor enjoys 'Big' school. Bethx

    1. Thanks Beth, as I said it may be slow progress, but we'll get there in the end.
      Eleanor has an induction day -a full school day-tomorrow. She is very worried about getting lost etc.
      I never thought about Eleanor going to the Grammar School, but a few parents I know have gone through it. All have said how great the Grammar School was- good facilities- teaching etc. I suppose you are tied to getting extra tutoring to help. I expect you know about the books available in WHSmiths.They have loads for the 11+. Best of luck with it all.Flissx


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