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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Haunted Cornwall, and the story of Sarah Polgrean.

As promised, here is a bit more about Sarah Polgrean (1786/7 - Sat 12th Aug 1820)
As you may know my daughter is fascinated by ghost stories.
A recent book we had from the library told the story of Sarah and the subsequent stories that built up around her.
She was hung at Bodmin Jail for fatally poisoning her husband  Henry Polgrean.
According to the 'Brougham Printer' Falmouth, she joined in prayer before her execution and sung a hymn 'with extraordinary resolution'. 
Sarah endured a hard life and was thought to be promiscuous. It was said that she liked a sailor 'Yorkshire Jack'.
The story tells of a quiet few words with Jack on the gallows, and just before her death she said "You Will?" Jack replied "I Will".
Jack fell I'll after her death. It is told that he had promised to marry her in three years alive or dead.
At  the time of their agreed marriage, Jack fled to sea and returned from the mediterranean on a fruit laden ship.
There was a terrible storm and he was washed overboard and died.
Sarah is said to haunt the churchyard at Ludgvan, wearing a white shroud with a feint trace of the hangmans rope.

The story that got my imagination going though was the ghostly goings on in Mounts Bay Cornwall.
It is said that during storms sailors have reported hearing bells and a voice saying "I Will, I Will".
You can hear all sorts of things if you just listen!


  1. Oh Felicity I do love a good ghost story. At the moment I've got a collection of Scottish ghost stories on the bedside table - just the thing to get you thinking before you turn out the lights! Jane x

    1. Glad you liked it! I can't see anything scary before bed.I used to watch all sorts of films, but not anymore.Our house is old,and makes lots of noises-I don't want to feed my overactive imagination!

  2. Loved your story and your drawing!! And love your deliciously colourful header! Pam xx

  3. Oh I love a good ghost story! Thanks for sharing :) Bxx

  4. great posts have missed checking in. you look fab in pink and loved the last post. hx

  5. I wonder if your daughter has read Edgar Allen Poe stories? They might just be right up her street.
    Loved the tale of Yorkshire Jack.

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