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Friday, 30 January 2015

Shed Part 2.

Following on from Part 1....obviously.
Here it is so far.
Back in the summer...
If you remember we dragged an old shed back from a neighbour.
A lot of the roof trusses were O.K.

This green door below we think was original to the house. It was covered over with paper when we moved in, and all we could see was a lump in the wallpaper.

The french doors were free from a joiners.

The little diamond windows were also free, and repaired by hubby.
We put a 'skin' on the shed to strengthen and add insulation, and to weatherproof it painted it in leftover paint. 

The finish all round the shed will eventually be tongue and groove- all reclaimed, which is weathering nicely.

So that's it so far.
Now we have to find more wooden slats and more insulation, and lots more finishing off.
Roll on the warmer weather!
Byee for now x.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Shed.Part 1. Repairing sash windows- the DIY option.

Warning, this is a very un-crafty in a fabric sense blog post.
As you know I have been of the things I was up to in the summer (remember that!)...

Following on from the shed post, hubby is continuing to repair various hoarded windows.
He has repaired all our sash windows in the house, so they can all be opened- good for the weather we've just had!
We can't afford to have a carpenter make them, as lovely as that would be. Instead he uses marine filler and chunks of wood to make up bits that have been lost.
A very rotten frame.

Chopping out the rotten parts and treating the wood.

Adding wood.

Repairing any cracks with glue and screws.

Marine filler is applied then sanded.

The sash windows were not too bad, so they've been stripped carefully using a heat gun, belt sander and chisel- they  are looking much better.

Here it is in situ.
I love the leadwork at the top.
Part two is to follow soon....
Byee for now x.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Collecting Stuff and Rag Rugs.

Oh my! I have been away a VERY long time! 
No excuses,  I don't know where to start.
I will instead put a few piccys of what I've been up to.
I won't put them all on this post- slowly does it!
I have been buying bits and bobs from boot fairs and auctions.

Actually finished off a little applique I was working on.

Found a pair of 'mock staffodshire' cows. So naive I love them!

 I have also got a little hooked (yawn) on rag - not quite a rug -rugs.
The using up of scrap yarn is useful on the purse- post Christmas.
I also love the way you get  textured lines when using patterned fabrics.

I've started a new folky lady based on one of my paintings.

I need to practice a few more faces.

I have really enjoyed looking at all your lovely blogs and finding some more.
Next time I'll show you how the SHED is coming on.
Fliss x

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