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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Collecting Stuff and Rag Rugs.

Oh my! I have been away a VERY long time! 
No excuses,  I don't know where to start.
I will instead put a few piccys of what I've been up to.
I won't put them all on this post- slowly does it!
I have been buying bits and bobs from boot fairs and auctions.

Actually finished off a little applique I was working on.

Found a pair of 'mock staffodshire' cows. So naive I love them!

 I have also got a little hooked (yawn) on rag - not quite a rug -rugs.
The using up of scrap yarn is useful on the purse- post Christmas.
I also love the way you get  textured lines when using patterned fabrics.

I've started a new folky lady based on one of my paintings.

I need to practice a few more faces.

I have really enjoyed looking at all your lovely blogs and finding some more.
Next time I'll show you how the SHED is coming on.
Fliss x


  1. Hello,,...nice to hear from you again! :) xxx

  2. Hello, hello! So nice to have you back :) LOVE the rag rugging, I think you lady is a perfect design to try in rags. I see I have loads of posts to catch up on. Bxx

  3. Thankyou Beth, nice to see you too. It's very addictive, in a good way!


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