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Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Shed.Part 1. Repairing sash windows- the DIY option.

Warning, this is a very un-crafty in a fabric sense blog post.
As you know I have been of the things I was up to in the summer (remember that!)...

Following on from the shed post, hubby is continuing to repair various hoarded windows.
He has repaired all our sash windows in the house, so they can all be opened- good for the weather we've just had!
We can't afford to have a carpenter make them, as lovely as that would be. Instead he uses marine filler and chunks of wood to make up bits that have been lost.
A very rotten frame.

Chopping out the rotten parts and treating the wood.

Adding wood.

Repairing any cracks with glue and screws.

Marine filler is applied then sanded.

The sash windows were not too bad, so they've been stripped carefully using a heat gun, belt sander and chisel- they  are looking much better.

Here it is in situ.
I love the leadwork at the top.
Part two is to follow soon....
Byee for now x.


  1. Wow - amazing job, so much work involved. We had to have a sash remade in the old house it was crazy expensive. Bethx

    1. They would I'm sure be beautifully made. If money was no object, I would love to have wooden double glazed (if that's possible!) It is good however to be able to do them as and when we can.

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