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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Rag rug finished and wardrobe cull.

Just a quick catch up with things I've been up to.
My rag rug is finished! 
I just have to sew the sides and think about how to hang it.

She seems to have had a 'readybrek' moment.

I packed it very tight and used up loads of fabric.

Another person in the house!
I have also really quickly gone through my wardrobe to chuck out clothes I don't wear etc.
I only really go to jumbles these days, so my choice was a bit lame!

I sorted them into:-

1) Wear all the time pile i.e. half decent (a bit minimal here)

2) Clothes I bought from jumbles or charity shops because I liked the pattern/colours, but that don't fit or suit me! 

3)Absolute crap- falling apart faded etc.

The half decent went back in the wardrobe.

The nice pattern/colours went in a pile to cut up, with the intention of finding patterns to remake them.

The last one went into a bag for RAG RUGGING!
I love it.

I thought long and hard about this last one, as it had a prairie look to it.Ideal for Homesteading. 
I have now cut it up as it may be better as a shirt or bag lining. It's a lovely soft fabric.

I'm not working next week, so I'm hoping to get to the charity shops to find something to wear as I have a hunch that my sewing may take a while!
Is anyone else planning a wardrobe cull?
Byee for now.x


  1. Oh Felicity I desperately need a wardrobe cull! It always seems like a mammoth task though and I have to feel I've got enough energy to see it through. Half of it inevitably ends up on the 'not quite sure so will keep to one side for now just in case it might come in handy for some sewing' pile - which now needs a wardrobe of it's own! Love the rug - are you going to give her a name? Jane x

    1. My bags of clothes are to sell or chop up, so I still have them in the house -which is the same thing! In the past, when I have sorted out things it only works if they go out to charity shops really swiftly. My sewing pile like yours is a teetering pile in the spare bedroom.
      I haven't thought of a name for the lady...I tend to refer to her as the folky lady!! Any ideas gratefully received!

  2. Your readybrek (love that) lady is fabulous. Bethx


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