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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

DIY Instagram fabric pencil case and art folder.

Just a quick post to show a little gift I made for my daughters birthday.
She loves instagram and wanted something along those lines as a pencil case.

I bought some plain cotton fabric to do an applique, and you may recognise the floral fabric from my old dress.

I also made a little folder to hold her Nexus and a sketchbook, as she likes to draw from the internet.

The inside pockets are a bit wonky as I used the pockets that were on the dress.

The sketchbook cardboard back fits into the pocket.

A little pencil pocket.

My attempt at free machine sewing and binding around the edges.
She seemed to like them anyway!

Friday, 20 March 2015

Victorian mourning button.

If objects could tell their story.
I recently bought a beautiful Victorian button, worn for periods of mourning.
I think it is moulded glass.
I liked the way it worked with a modern plastic bird,I like to think that the spirit takes flight.

Have a good weekend x.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Junk journalling and upcycling books. Rag face progress.

Hopefully spring is in the air!
After another break.
A little look at what I've been up to.

I have always kept or collected books or papers that I think might be useful (!) 
I have also recently been watching many, many, many films on you tube about junk journalling, scrapbooking etc.
It appealed to me because some use lots of different elements in their journals.
Lots of elements that I have in big piles, but haven't made use of yet!
 I thought I may be able to make something more cohesive and useful.
I had some old ladybird books that were falling apart.

I spent some time cutting out parts of the images that I liked.

Please excuse the awful nails!

I glued an image onto the back too so they can be used in small books.

These are still a work in progress.
I was also interested in making little books from fragments of things, writing,fabric,ribbon, papers etc.
Either they will be a stand alone book, or something that I can add blank papers to and it can then be used like a sketchbook.

I love finding aged papers with marks and writing of a time gone by.

The next one in progress is using more of the ladybird pictures, old greetings cards etc.

I'd love a pair of gloves like those.
I even got my own chunky wool out for a bit of blanket stitch! 

The next is a definite junk journal, made with magazines, book papers, old music etc.

Tried sewing some pockets.

Put in blank pages for writing or photos.

Lastly a piccy or two of  the rag picture so far.

I now have to get myself in gear and get back to doing my Etsy shop.
What have you all been up to? 
Anyone else tried junk journalling?
Bye for now, Fliss x

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