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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Creative hand, let the spirit take flight.

A few piccys of my latest rag picture.
I have kept sketchbooks for years, filled with things and ideas that fly around my head.
Often the same images recur, two of which are hands (the creative hand) and birds (from which the spirit takes flight). 

I love the primitive type images.

I have also started a few paintings which I wanted to try. Some with a folk art influence and
others about Cornwall.

What better way to spend a sunny day!

Happy creating!

Thursday, 16 April 2015


One of my favourite spots (so far) in Cornwall is the orchard at Cotehele, a National Trust house.
On a sunny day it has to be a piece of heaven on earth.

The trees support a large amount of mistletoe.

They are remodelling this part of the garden.

Hope you are enjoying the weather wherever you are!
Bye for now.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Garden sticks and rug finished!

This is a post heavy on photos as usual.
I do love the spring time.The start of new hopes and outdoor activities.
Jane  kick started my seed growing with her lovely film on her allotment.I told her of my 'stick' purchases (some fruit bushes from the 99p shop) and wanted to show how my bargain hunt looks a little sad, compared to hers!

You can hardly make them out they are sooo small!

This currant looks better, but I think I'll have to wait a while for my pud!

Elsewhere in the garden it is looking a lot better,just needs more plants!

Beautiful Photinia 'Red Robin' has been planted to screen out a window,some way to go yet.


Two more suspect sticks- gooseberries this time. They have a teeny bit of growth.

Seed sowing, lettuce, beetroot, khol rabi, basil etc.
Has anyone had any luck with 'parcel' I tried it last year with no luck.Also Sweet Cisley? Not a lot seems to be happening with it. 


As we've had a few colder nights, I managed to finish off my face rag rug.

Anyone else been busy in the garden?
Bye for now x.

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