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Monday, 18 May 2015

Dyeing to do more hooking!

My hooking continues!

Another folky design is developing.

I was saying to Lynne that I'm enjoying finding out how the patterned fabric looks hooked. Above is an example of me ol' leggins getting the chop.
To me the hooked loops are like blobs of multicolour paint.

I found the face hard to do, I tried doing the lines first,but that didn't work so I covered the shape with the grey first and pushed the blue through last.

The back is always interesting.
My picture needed a night sky to go with my moon.
I didn't have any dark blue,and I couldn't find any in the charity shops.
So I decided to get some acid dyes to dye my 100% wool fabric I already had.
I watched a few you tube films to see what I needed, and luckily my local craft shop Painters in Liskeard had lots of dyes.

I went for the Jaquard acid dye in Saphire Blue. I also used citric acid as the fixative (could have used vinegar).

Fabrics above before.

Being washed.

I added a level teaspoon of the dye and a level teaspoon of the citric acid to boiling water, I then added it to the pot and filled it about half way with hot water.
I then added the fabric and bought it to the boil, then covered and simmered for 30 mins.
Wet sheep smell everywhere!

The dye was really easy and sucked up most of the colour,so no waste there!
The picture above shows the first rinse!

The lower checked one went in 15 mins after the other, so didn't get much dye.
Luckily it was warm enough to dry outside.
Below are the results.

Above and below shows before and after.

This is what I wanted it for!

A night sky.

Here's where I have got to so far.
So if you don't have a colour you want, why not try and dye your own.
Have a lovely day!


  1. Your art is so wonderful. Not only is it lovely , but I love how you are keeping the old traditions alive. That is a gift to all that see and appreciate your work.
    Bravo, and thank you!
    Connie :)

  2. Thank you Connie for your lovely comment!
    There is nothing better than making something yourself.
    Fliss x


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