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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Folk Art.

A little update on my rug picture. It's finished!

My little folk painting is also finished (I think).
From this

To this.

It has been cold, wet and windy here. The occasional ray of sun gets through.
I'm hopeful for some more good weather soon.
Byee for now, Fliss x.


  1. I LOVE it!! You have made me think about searching out my raggy bird seat cushion - been on the go for THREE YEARS!! I love the look of rag rugs but have problems keeping at it. Folk art images are just the thing, aren't they? That's why I use them so often for my felt appliqué cushions. Way to go Felicity - more please!!

    1. Hi Lynne,Thank you! Did you know your rugs come up on Google in searches for hooked rugs? I saw the birdie one and thought you do have to finish it! I'm loving all the effects the different patterned fabrics make when hooked.

  2. You have a wonderful command of colors. The rug and the folk paintings are lovely: the mother and child painting is especially nice. The bird painting would translate so well into a rug too--a very nice design! Bonnie

    1. Thank you Bonnie,I'm so glad you like them.I saw the mother and child in a folk book and the image stuck out above all the others as my favourite.


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