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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Apologies -again- for long gaps between posts.
I get caught up in other work and house stuff, as we all do!
I have managed to do some more work though. He's a few pictures of raggy goings on.

I have finished the 'Moon and Bird'.

My favourite part was the -moon and bird.

My hubby commented that it reminded him of an ancient carpet he saw on a t.v. programme.
I saw a clip from it. The carpet was said to be the oldest representation of Mary Magdelene, it also showed Jesus and other figures (all open to interpretation of course).
I loved the simple representations of the figures in what seemed to be little boats.
It inspired a small rag rug idea.

Not quite finished yet, but I really like the bold shapes.

I have also nearly finished another small piece.

A rather wobbly Orla Kiely inspired mug.

Hope you are all having a good day!
Bye for now.


  1. The variegated look you get with the patterned fabrics gives your art a rich look. Your works have a story-like quality about them. Do you ever display some as hangings? I imagine them to look lovely on a wall. Bonnie

  2. Thanks Bonnie.I do want to hang them on a wall, I am going to try lengths of dowel through a fabric strip maybe. I look at our walls that are already very full and wonder where to put them! Fliss.

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