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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Life map. Lloyd Kahn on his NorCal self-reliant half-acre homestead.

Anyone into homesteading may like this film.Anyone into arts and crafts too.
I love the 'if you don't know where to start, just start'.
The thing that strikes me about the film is the little sections in the house of the different things they love to do.
To me it creates a type of map of interests,weaving, building, dyeing, growing etc etc.
What sort of footprint would your life make?


  1. Have had this page open for days, as keep hoping to find time to watch the link, but haven't managed it yet - going to bookmark for later!!

    We need to get more self- sufficient in our house. Poor Charlie (only 8) when I went to tuck him in last night, was crying his little heart out, when I asked why, he said because he was sad that the end was going to come (to the planet and everything living...apparently) as he'd heard so in lots of movie trailers and the news and he was sad when he thought about what it would be like for it all to end. We had a long chat about responsibility of looking after the planet and how we can do more etc, but I did reassure him that the end of the world isn't imminent....I hope!

    Hope you are well. Bxx

    1. Hi Beth, I hope you do get time to watch it.
      Poor Charlie! I wonder if it's the gloomy weather.My daughter is very sad at the moment,doesn't want to go to school always worrying.Our converation ended with her saying I don't want you or dad to die! I think it's an insecurity. I expect worrying the world will end does come from the rollercoaster ride of life.Growing up in the seventies I was terrified of nuclear war.With a childs mind I thought it might happen.It may be a good opportunity to encourage him to enjoy Geography- as one day he may find the ways we can help the planet! Take care Flissx


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