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Friday, 8 January 2016

Matisse's Marguerite.

I love the painting Matisse made of his daughter Marguerite-one of many.
Marguerite was part of the French Resistance, she was captured by the Nazis.
Whilst on a train bound for a concentration camp she escaped.
She lived to 87.

I found the perfect colour to stitch onto.

I used the mourning button I had and a little black bird.

She turned out looking a bit older than the real portrait! 
Maybe a bit like a lady of the night too!
Hope you have a good weekend.
Au Revoir !

1 comment:

  1. Another fab sewn portrait. I do really like these, especially this one with it's mourning button and black bird. Hope all is well with you and 2016 is off to a great start!! Bethx


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