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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Welcome 2016!

If anyone is still out there! I have been lurking in the sidelines, reading lovely blogs regularly, but neglecting mine. So in 2016 I intend to blog more regularly!! 
Way back in the summer we visited the beautiful city of Norwich.

Within the castle walls is a wonderful museum full of treasures.

An exhibit by the artist Julian Walker appealed to me.
'Collection: Some Items Held'

Each flawed fragment was carefully selected (all from the museums collections)
and under each is the name of someone who was imprisoned in the castle.

I am fascinated by the passing of time and the small fragments we may leave to prove our existence,even just a name.

In future posts I will be showing you more of my current work.
In the mean time, turn on the smellivision and remember the days before the 'constant rain'.

I wanted to make royal icing,but got marshmallow type frosting instead!
Very tasty all the same!

Bye for now!


  1. Hello Fliss. Thank you for your visit over at my (very neglected!!) blog :) Glad to see you are back as well, it's funny how quiet a good few of the people whose blogs I read have been recently, I think we must all have some kind of blog fatigue! How interesting the exhibition you visited sounds, that's totally my kind of thing and I love the icing, I once had to make Royal Icing for a cake for my Mum's birthday as a surprise and it rather stretched my then mid 20's cooking skills as I was under a lot of pressure not to mess up the fruit cake my Gran had spent hours making, don't think I've ever tried to make it since!! I rather like the marshmallow looking quality, bet is tasted good. Hope to see more of you over 2016, but if not, no problem, I know how hard it can be to find time for blogging. Bethx

  2. Hello again Beth.Yes I don't know what happened to the months.I like starting a New Year and I really hope that I can keep it up!The icing was really odd.I followed the recipe but it wouldn't set.It did taste yummy though.x


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